Nonprofit Management Consultation

Six years ago I started on a journey to become certified in nonprofit management. I was driven for knowledge and success to know more about grant writing, starting a nonprofit brand, and making nonprofits missions come to life, while helping local community nonprofits to thrive. With my certification in nonprofit management, successful internships, collaborations, along with experience in funding and management , I am sharing my skills with the public. I am trained in all aspects of nonprofit management. I specialize in development for start-up and scaling organizations. If you are interested in contacting me for my services, please click the link and fill out my intake form. 

Grant Writing

Whether you are leading a nonprofit organization and developing projects or you are an independent artist looking for operational funding and you lack knowing how to properly script a proposal for grant funding, I can help you successfully communicate your intention. I can help you determine and locate what funding options are the right fit for your mission, projects, and goals. I have experience in writing proposals across NPO sectors from large to small funding options. If there is a perfect match for your funding needs, I can help you aim for your targets. Please click the provided link to access my intake form and I will reply!