ROAD FOOD: Survival in the Local Landscape

Beca Blake, Road Food: Survival in the Local Landscape, Performance Art Series, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kane County UTAH, USA 2022

Road Food is a series of documented visual art performances by Beca Blake and family about survival in the local landscape. In Road Food: Survival in the Local Landscape, performance art is expressed by draping individuals in novelty food blankets bought on and conducting a statement of survival in relation to consumption, place, time, and humanity in rural and urban settings while traveling among artifacts of culture in the western states of America. The Road Food performances are spontaneous, happening any time of day and night, and the locations build upon a narrative of survival in a given landscape.
This photo documents a Road Food performance at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Kane County, UT during August of 2022. Novelty lettuce and tortilla wandering in ancient dunes created by windblown sandstone complete with glittering pink fossilized coral, now littered with tourists and outdoor enthusiasts on off-road vehicles and sand boards. The unique landscape is the only known habitat in the world for the Coral Pink Sand Dunes tiger beetle.